Supporting people

Since 1965 we have been working for a kinder society for people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness and in vulnerable situations, helping them to fulfill their life projects. With the commitment of being a sustainable organization that brings value to society.

Working for people is one of the most meaningful jobs in life. Ours is an eminently human task where people are our essential value in order to achieve our mission and provide a tailored response to each person's needs.

The people behind our numbers


Assisted people last year, they receive our support because of intellectual disabilities, mental illness or vulnerable situations


People accommodated in the residential services and homes


People part of the organization workforce

27 %

Of the employees have a disability


Donors committed to the organization projects

Outsanding Projects

  • Respir Program. Catch your breath
  • La Parada. A social and community landscape
  • L’Art de Viure. Where everything you imagine comes true.
  • Designing a new App. A PECT Bages project
  • “Artistes”. The new TV show on TV3

Outsanding Projects

    We are looking for volunteers to foster people with intellectual disabilities at specific times of the year, to give a break to the families

    “Respir” is a volunteering scheme to give support to the families of the people we assist. The duration of these stays could vary from one day, to a weekend or a longer period of time.

    La Parada is a social project in collaboration with RCR Arquitectes

    La Parada is a social and community facility designed as a natural and local landscape, to be a source of welfare and respect for the environment. It will provide homes, residential, formative and occupational services to people in vulnerable situations.

    L’Art de Viure is an artistic workshop where one of our main Occupational activities take place

    L’Art de Viure is a workshop and exhibition room that provides the tools and support to discover their artistic talent to the people we assist. Enhancing it, participating in artistic projects and showcasing it.

    The App that we have design and its being developed to facilitate the daily routine of dependent people will be advanced shortly.

    This project is being developed by PECT Bages. Ajuntament de Manresa and 11 social and healthcare organizations are coordinating it with the objective to improve life quality and social inclusion of dependent people and chronic diseases.

    “Artistes” is a TV show on TV3 inspired by our organization, produced by Youplanet and Bah!Studios, starred by 9 people form AMPANS, who outsand for their creative and artistic talent

    This project is committed to culture and art from a broader perspective, with the participation of people with diverse abilities who share their vision and talent with known people.


02 June 2023
More than 500 professionals took part in Les Jornades, the annual week dedicated to health and wellbeing.
  This week we have celebrated the Les Jornades that we share all the centres and services of the entity and that, for the first time, have been framed within the plan "Som comunitat. Salut i benestar" plan that has
26 May 2023
Councillor Garriga received the protagonists of Artistas, the TVC programme, at the Department of Culture
The Catalan Councillor of Culture, Natàlia Garriga, met this week with the president of the AMPANS Foundation, Sebastià Catllà Oliva, and the 9 young creators who have been the protagonists of the programme "Artistes", broadcast last autumn on Canal 33.
23 May 2023
Excitement and fun at the 2nd Manresa Adapted Children’s Race with the participation of more than 50 children
More than 50 children with intellectual disabilities, multiple disabilities and autism participated in the 2nd Adapted Children's Race held in Manresa, organised by AMPANS, together with the Manresa City Council, the Montserrat School of Sant Vicenç de Castellet and the
22 May 2023
Muntanyola Cheese receives recognition for its talent and is considered among the best signature cheeses in the “Cheese Talent” competition held in Oviedo
Formatges Muntanyola has obtained a new recognition of talent at the "Talento del Queso" (Cheese Talent), which was held in Oviedo. The AMPANS cheese factory has reached the final where it has competed with five other projects of author of
16 May 2023
Marc Buxaderas and Adnan Almousa, ambassadors of the 2nd Adapted Race to be held this Saturday in Manresa
Organised by AMPANS and Manresa City Council, the second edition adds the collaboration of UManresa-FUB, Escola Montserrat and CRTEA, with the support of CaixaBank. The AMPANS Foundation, together with Manresa City Council, is organising the second edition of the adapted
15 May 2023
We collect 112 kilograms of waste from our environment as part of Let’s Clean Up Europe 2023
The Let's Clean Up Europe campaign, a European initiative to raise awareness about the amount of waste that ends up uncontrolled in our environment, was held from 5 to 7 May. Because we throw them, because we drop them or
05 May 2023
FAR, the school of New Opportunities of Bages
Maria Aguilera and Jordi Asensio (FAR professionals), Carlos Muñoz (entrepreneur and trainer), Khalid Dahouche (ex participant) and Mariona Homs (Social Services director) Through this programme we have already accompanied 1,856 young people in central Catalonia The young people of the

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Social support has been key to the progress of AMPANS mission. Both in the achievement of projects that improve the life quality of people with intellectual disabilities and in need of support, and in raising awareness in society. We need you by our side to keep pursuing their full inclusion.


Who can access AMPANS services?


Although AMPANS has historically focused its action on caring for people with intellectual, physical and developmental disabilities, over the years it has grown to offer a range of support opportunities in the social, educational, training, labor and housing spheres for different groups at risk of exclusion. We address people with or without disabilities, people with mental health problems, young people and adults who want to train or improve their professional profile, people who want to find a job...

Learn more aquí.

How can I access AMPANS services?

Here you will find the different services and resources that AMPANS offers to individuals and families. You can contact each service to request the information that is of interest to you.

AMPANS will guarantee equality and non-discrimination in access and care for all claimants and their families. AMPANS will prioritize admission requests as a response to its will expressed in its mission, in the following circumstances:

  • Social emergency situations.
  • That the person is already being cared for in an AMPANS service.
  • That the person resides in the Bages region.

What services for companies does AMPANS offer?

Here you will find the different services and resources that AMPANS offers to individuals and families. You can contact each service to request the information that is of interest to you.

How do you get the Disability Certificate?

To obtain the disability certificate, it is necessary to request an administrative document that legally certifies the person's degree of disability. The bodies responsible for managing these procedures are the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families and the General Directorate of Social Protection.

However, the person interested in the application can turn to the Social Services of their municipality to be assisted and guided by a social worker, who will inform them of the steps they must follow.

The request can be made by accessing the portal

What is the Dependency situation?

According to the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the dependency situation is the permanent state in which people find themselves who, for reasons derived from age, illness or disability, and linked to a lack of physical, mental, intellectual or sensory autonomy, they need the attention of one or more people. These people also need significant help to carry out the basic activities of daily life or, as in the case of people with an intellectual disability or mental illness, other help for their personal autonomy.

How do you request recognition of the degree of dependency?

In order to obtain the recognition of the dependency situation, it is necessary to make a request to the Department of Work, Social Affairs and Families. The request can be made through the portal .

Who can apply for the aid covered by the Personal Autonomy and Dependency Care Act?

According to the Law, the people who can apply for the corresponding aid are those who need help to carry out several of the basic activities of daily life, either in Grade I (or moderate dependence), Grade II (or severe dependence ) or Grade III (or high dependency).

What is a support measure for the exercise of legal capacity?

It is about providing the necessary support to those people with difficulties through one of the figures contemplated by current legislation, adapted to the intensity, needs and circumstances of the person in order to guarantee that they can exercise their rights and take their own decisions.

The modification of a person's capacity is considered when the lack of capacity prevents taking care of oneself and one's property.

What is the difference between a support measure and the old work capacity modification?

Until now, when a person required support and representation in their day-to-day life, we brought it to the attention of the court to request a modification of the capacity to work, which was a judicial procedure through which the capacity was limited or replaced to act for the person and a guardian or curator was appointed who was in charge of representing the person in whole or in part. With the new legislative reform in the field of support for people with disabilities, we are moving from this system based on substitution and representation to a new one where the fundamental thing is the will and preferences of the person with the aim of respecting their dignity , ensure compliance with their fundamental rights and respect for free will.

How can I get a measure of support?

The new regulation not only adds a new access route for obtaining a measure of support (previously guardianship/guardianship), but also prioritizes it over the second and hitherto usual route. We talk about the voluntary way and the judicial way. Prior to the reform, the only way to obtain support was through judicial proceedings. Currently, the law prioritizes the establishment of voluntary support measures. This means that the person himself can establish, either through a notarial document or voluntary jurisdiction procedure before a court, what type of support he needs and who he wants to provide this support.

Only for those cases where the person does not have the capacity to request these measures, the law provides for the judicial procedure for the provision of support via litigation, that is to say without the will of the person. This type of access road is exceptional and subject to accredited justification.