Support services for families

The services to the families we offer are a fundamental support in order to improve the quality of life of the families of the people we attend, and aim to facilitate the exercise of their rights, family and work reconciliation, training, exchange of experiences, information or advice in order to provide help, care and family support.

The attention to the inmediate family of people with disabilities is a fundamental part of our mission. We facilitate the daily life of families, creating a support network.

Support programs and assistance for families

“Respirs” program

The Respirs program is aimed at families of people with intellectual disabilities who, for reasons of need or rest, require temporary care for their son or daughter. The program offers three different options according to the needs of the person attended and the availability of the service: “Respir” at AMPANS homes “Respir” at Julio Payas care home “Respir” with foster families To apply to this program, please contact your center or service.

Early morning drop-off

To facilitate the reconciliation of work and family life, we have the early morning reception service at Jeroni de Moragas school. This service runs Monday to Friday on school days, and the fee can be charged monthly or daily. Families who need an early drop-off can do so from 8.45am. There is no need to book an advance to use this service although it is recommended to let the center know in advance. The morning reception service program proposes leisure activities in the classroom such as games, board games, music, crafts or drawing.

Mutual support groups

Small groups formed of parents or other family members, to provide both personal and emotional support (psychological support) to the families of people with disabilities. Through these groups, similar experiences are shared to help reduce social isolation and strengthen personal and family resilience.

Summer school

At the end of the school year, we start the Summer School, a program of activities that take advantage of the good weather, to facilitate the work-life balance for families. The service takes place at the Jeroni de Moragas school and at the Comabella (Santpedor) facilities from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., from end of June to middle of July.

Resources for families

We make available to families the contents and presentations of the talks we organize, either in person or online, so they can be consulted at all times. Talk: What happens after secondary education?

Leisure programs

Information about holidays and camps for people with intellectual disabilities. Easter holidays For more information contact:

“Throughout our lives we have done everything we could for our daughter. Now she is very happy especially at the kiosk where she works, and I can't imagine her life without AMPANS”

José Luis Alonso
Father of a person with disability from AMPANS

Padres 2015

“It has been a long journey, hard at times, but very rewarding.”

Josep Miguel
Father of Gemma

Collaborate with AMPANS

Social support has been key to the progress of AMPANS mission. Both in the achievement of projects that improve the life quality of people with intellectual disabilities and in need of support, and in raising awareness in society. We need you by our side to keep pursuing their full inclusion.

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