Solidarity Kiosk

We manage a kiosk at the Hospital de Sant Joan de Déu in Manresa, as part of a collaboration with the Althaia Foundation, where people with intellectual and physical disabilities are in charge of selling newspapers, magazines, and gift items.

The project is based on the values of the social and solidarity economy. It is a social project that provides visibility and guarantees full labor inclusion for people with intellectual and physical disabilities.

An inclusive Kiosk

At the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital

We are on the -1 floor of the Sant Joan de Déu Hospital in Manresa, at the main entrance. Dr. Joan Soler Street, no.1-3.

Newspapers, magazines, gifts…

You will find all the articles and services typical of a newsstand: newspapers, magazines, gift items, gourmet foods, snacks, personal hygiene products, plants and flowers brought to us from the Garden...

Special Work Center

The newsstand is part of the Special Work Center (CET) where people with intellectual disabilities find support and a job with public-facing and valuable work.

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    Collaborate with AMPANS

    Social support has been key to the progress of AMPANS mission. Both in the achievement of projects that improve the life quality of people with intellectual disabilities and in need of support, and in raising awareness in society. We need you by our side to keep pursuing their full inclusion.