Urpina, solidary wines

Wines with soul Urpina, located in the municipality of Sant Salvador de Guardiola, is where the wines that bear its name are born. Thanks to the generosity of a family who donated the property and the efforts of many hands that take care of the vineyards throughout the year, Urpina wines are the solidary wines with a commitment to the Pla de Bages Designation of Origin. An explosion of colors, aromas, and flavors that we invite you to discover.

Pla de Bages Designation of Origin Wines

Urpina is an agro-social project that we started in 2008 in Sant Salvador de Guardiola (Bages). The recovery of old vineyards and the planting of new hectares was one of the first tasks that we developed. From its vines, which have given us job opportunities and social recognition, we make our wines, the wines with a commitment to the Pla de Bages DO.

We are committed to all production processes, focusing our efforts on job learning through activities related to land care, sowing, and harvesting. We count on experts in the viticulture sector, as well as the help of wineries in the area, to guide us and make our wines unique and of quality. Urpina wines are a social project that seeks to ensure the socio-labor integration of people with intellectual disabilities and diverse needs through the production of quality products with social recognition.

By caring for the vineyards, we have learned to care for and love the land.

Urpina wines are born to create job opportunities and social recognition for people with intellectual disabilities and support needs. The oldest vineyard on the property is located next to the home we built for people with intellectual disabilities.

Urpina Wines. Land of wines and good people

The Vila Isern family is defined by their generosity. On the day that Joan Vila turned 80, he and his wife Dolors Isern donated their home (the Urpina property) to AMPANS with the commitment that we would take care of their two children and the land and offer new opportunities to other people with intellectual disabilities.

Urpina Wines. Land of wines and good people

Agro-social project

On the Urpina property, we develop an agro-social project that includes a home for people with disabilities, large vineyards, a goat farm, and a cheese factory.

Solidary wines

The grapes from which Urpina wines are born are cared for and collected by people with intellectual disabilities or at risk of exclusion who are part of our foundation.

Vineyard recovery

The Urpina project is also environmental: we work to recover autochthonous and endangered vineyards. A project that we also carry out at Torre Lluvià with the collaboration of the Manresa City Council and the Pla de Bages DO.


Our wines enjoy significant recognition, with outstanding awards at Vinari or Catavinum World Wine and Spirit.

DO Pla de Bages

Our vines are rooted in Bages, one of the regions with the most wine-making history. Before the phylloxera, it was the region with the most hectares of vine cultivation in Catalonia.

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