Singulars Bages Joven Inserlab 4.0 Programme

AMPANS, CIO, Centre de Formació Pràctica Lacetània y Joviat


Course details


From 16 to 29 years old

Employment status

Unemployment or improved employability.

Type of training

Certificate of professionalism

Training itinerary

Mechanical manufacturing course + introductory course in robotics / Kitchen assistant course + introductory course in robotics

Training model

Theoretical and practical, with practical work experience in the company. This project generates synergies between traditional sectors, such as hospitality and mechanics, and innovative ones, such as Industry 4.0. The aim is to train new professionals with skills to meet future market demands and to foster young talent.

Job placement service

This course is part of our orientation and labour market insertion service.

Contenido didáctico

CERTIFICATE OF PROFESSIONALISM "Auxiliary operations in mechanical manufacturing" (480 hours)

Mechanical manufacturing course specialising in Industry 4.0. Through certified training, you will be able to work in basic manufacturing operations, as well as cooperate and assist in the processes of mechanisation, assembly and automated casting, following criteria of quality, safety and respect for the environment. With work experience in companies!


Kitchen assistant course specialising in the hotel and catering industry. Through certified training, you will be able to work in pre-preparing food, preparing and presenting simple culinary preparations and assisting in the preparation of more complex preparations as a kitchen assistant, with work experience in companies!


Robotics course where you can acquire basic knowledge of programming and setting up a robot.


You will receive training that will allow you to improve your curriculum not only based on the acquisition of theoretical and technical knowledge, but also in those aspects related to the competence profile, the skills of relationship with the environment and emotional management. These aspects are highly valued by companies in the region.

What is the Singulars Programme?

The aim of the Singular Projects is to reinforce the employability of young people who are not in employment and are not integrated in the education or training systems, by carrying out actions based on what is determined by the National Plan for the Implementation of the Garantía Juvenil.

The Singulars Bages Jove Inserlab 4.0 Programme offers an occupational training model to young people in vulnerable situations, who have left school prematurely or cannot find a job, in order to improve their employability and professional skills. Through training accompaniment and guidance, we work towards greater employability. Within this subsidised programme, vocational training actions are proposed, as well as employment guidance through a tutor who offers support services to young people. The aim is for these young people to enter the world of work and/or return to the educational system through a practical and experiential training methodology according to their profile.

In this programme we train young people aged 16 to 29 who wish to train as kitchen assistants in the Industry 4.0 sector through modules on robotics, 3D printing, augmented reality and virtual reality.

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    Project subsidised by the Public Employment Service of Catalonia, the Ministry of Labour and Social Economy and the European Social Fund within the framework of the Youth Employment initiative, in accordance with the Singular Youth Guarantee Projects, regulated by Order TSF/3520/2019 and modified by Order EMT/194/2021, of 15 October.

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