The Learning Together Project: Personal Growth and Inclusion

An inclusive project for schools

Learning Together is an inclusive educational project born out of AMPANS’ activities aimed at users who participate in the Occupational Center service. Initially, it was a paper recycling activity developed by the users themselves as part of the entity’s activity program.

Let's learn together

This inclusive activity, which was initially carried out internally, began to be shared with schools as a way of providing creative resources for diversity inclusion in classrooms. As a result, the workshop has become an activity offered to schools, through which, beyond learning the paper recycling technique, users are at the center of the activity, serving as teachers who teach children the paper recycling technique.

This idea of placing individuals with intellectual disabilities as teachers from whom one can learn leads AMPANS to adapt other activities in the “Learning Together” format, ultimately offering various activities through the “Learning Together” program to schools and other entities and groups.

Inclusive educational projects

Who is the program intended for?

The program is primarily aimed at students in preschool and primary school. However, other groups have requested the activity and it has been adapted for secondary school students, university students, and other groups such as the elderly or educational services in correctional facilities.


Transmit values that promote personal development, coexistence, and civility. Foster the autonomy and self-esteem of individuals with intellectual disabilities who become "teachers" through this project. Foster inclusion and other values such as respect for the environment, camaraderie, and respect...


Using the methodology of service learning, we promote collaboration between groups, encouraging cooperation and promoting interdisciplinarity. We rely on active and experiential pedagogy, learning from mutual experience.

Learning by transmitting values that promote personal development, coexistence, and civism, while also promoting autonomy and self-esteem in people with intellectual disabilities.

Learn with AMPANS

Learning together to make paper

Paper recycling workshop. Students will learn the technique of recycled paper. Following the instructions of the people leading the workshop, they will learn how to recycle paper while also being able to create and design their own bookmark.

Learning together to practice Boccia

Sporting activity based on the practice of a sport known as Boccia, which is played sitting down and with a ball, requiring a lot of precision. It is an adapted sport that is practiced by people with intellectual disabilities and cerebral palsy.

Learning together to make cookies

The workshop takes place in the bakery of the Canonge restaurant, which the foundation has in the center of Manresa. Following the instructions of the people leading the workshop, they will learn how to make cookies while also being able to make their own cookie.

Learning together to do Scrapbooking

Students will learn the technique of Scrapbooking. Following the instructions of the people leading the workshop, the students will be able to design and create the initial letter of their name.

"When the heart discovers what it wants, the universe collaborates." "Recycled Paper" Balsareny Library and School.

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