European volunteering

AMPANS has collaborated with the European Voluntary Service since 2000 as a welcoming entity and, since 2017, also as a coordinating entity. Volunteers join AMPANS annually in day care centers or in homes and residential services to support professionals.

We participate in the European solidarity volunteering program because of the enrichment that comes with having, in our structure, volunteers from other European countries. The European volunteering program makes it easier to make society aware of the services and needs of people with disabilities, expand the knowledge of AMPANS, inside and outside our community, and promote social responsibility in the care of people with disabilities or other groups at risk of exclusion.

The European Voluntary Service (SVE) is an action of the Erasmus + program of the European Union. Every year, we welcome four young people who decide to join the European volunteer corps and choose our organization to actively collaborate, spending 9 months getting to know the world of disability and care for people with functional diversity.

Do European volunteering at AMPANS

4 places

Each year we offer four places for volunteers who want to join our care services.

9-month collaboration agreement

European volunteering at AMPANS lasts 9 months. Usually January to September or March to November.


Adaptation to the interests and availability of each young person when designing their itinerary and support activities for the organization.

Interest in the socio-educational field

We like to share the interest in the socio-educational field and diversity with the volunteers.

Four volunteers, four services to support

Homes for children and adolescents

Residential care service that welcomes children and adolescents with limited or extensive support needs who, for social and family reasons, cannot continue living in their home of origin.

Residential homes for adults

Residential care for adults. It provides a home with the necessary technical and personal support so that people with support needs can develop with maximum normality and quality of life.

Residències especialitzades

Mitjançant residències especialitzades, AMPANS acull i dona atenció les 24 hores del dia a persones amb necessitats de suport extens i a persones amb trastorns de conducta.

Occupational Center

The Occupational Center service offers support to the person through personalized plans, programs and meaningful activities for the person served, which enhance the proactive role in society as a key factor for strengthening their social inclusion.

How do we reward volunteers?


Accommodation during the stay at the expense of the organization, in a flat shared with the other volunteers.

Pocket money

Monthly pocket money allocation.


One meal a day, usually lunch, paid for by the organization.


All travel between accommodation and the volunteer center is covered by the organization.

Return ticket

AMPANS is responsible for financing the return ticket to the country of origin.

Incorporation and reception process

During the entire stay at AMPANS, we develop welcome activities with the volunteers

The purpose of these welcoming activities is for people to get to know the organization, as well as other young people who are doing European volunteering both in AMPANS and in other organizations in the region. Among others, there are joint cultural outings with the Regional Council, a training course in Barcelona and Catalan and Spanish courses.

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