AMPANS on WhatsApp

1. Add this number 689 354 363 to your address book, or, using a QR code reader on your mobile phone, scan the following code:
qr whatsapp ampans


2. Send a whatsapp to this number indicating name and surname. In the following 72 hours we will register you in the service.


3. You will receive a message of registration and acceptance of personal data.


4. You will receive one dispatch per week, and notices only in cases of emergency.


The most important AMPANS information on your mobile phone.

With this free service you will receive AMPANS news on your phone. The most important news of the entity, information of interest or warnings in case of emergency will be broadcast.


How to register for the service?

First of all, save the number 689 354 363 in your contacts and send a WhatsApp message to this contact with your name and surname.

You will receive a welcome message within 72 hours.

We advise you to save the number associated with the name AMPANS WhatsApp.

This service is launched with a weekly information mailing.

How to unsubscribe from the service?

You can unsubscribe at any time with a simple Whatsapp with the word "UNSUBSCRIBE" on the telephone number 689 365 363.

How will the AMPANS WhatsApp deliveries work?

We do not saturate your WhatsApp. You will receive a weekly mailing that will include the main news and events of AMPANS, unless there is an emergency situation that makes it convenient to use WhatsApp as a means of information, or the convening of relevant events.

Welcome text. Within a maximum period of 72 hours after registration, you will receive a welcome message. From then on you will receive the notifications on your mobile phone.

Unsubscribing. As with registrations, unsubscriptions are also processed within a maximum of 72 hours

Why am I not receiving messages?

Make sure you have this number 689 354 363 saved in your address book as WhatsApp AMPANS.

Can I use this number to contact AMPANS?

No, the telephone number to contact AMPANS is 93 827 23 00 (switchboard) or

Will I receive messages from other members of the service?

No, the only messages you will receive are those containing AMPANS news.

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