We collect 112 kilograms of waste from our environment as part of Let’s Clean Up Europe 2023

The Let’s Clean Up Europe campaign, a European initiative to raise awareness about the amount of waste that ends up uncontrolled in our environment, was held from 5 to 7 May. Because we throw them, because we drop them or because we don’t take care of our environment.

Every May, this Europe-wide awareness-raising challenge is launched. Through the collection of illegally dumped waste in the forests, beaches, riverbanks and other natural areas of our environment. From AMPANS, we have joined one more year.

The volunteers of the morning waste collection  have been students, users and professionals from the Jeroni de Moragas School, from the Occupational Centres La LLum, La Sagrera, Encaix, Canonge and Las Bases, and also from San Jona, Súria and Sallent; from the Pre-employment Service, from the New Opportunities Centres of Manresa, Anoia, Berguedà and Puigcerdà, as well as from training and insertion groups such as Singulars or the SOI of Castelladral.

All of them, adding up to more than 250 people, have collected a total of 112 kilograms of waste from the environment, 15 kilograms more than in 2022.

This waste was found in the natural areas surrounding the centres and services of the volunteer teams, who wanted to focus on the immediate environment. The areas cleaned were Comabella, Sant Iscle, the Parc de l’Agulla and the Sèquia path, Parc de Puigterrà, Riera de Rajadell, Serrat Xipell, El Congost, Suanya and Torre Lluvià, Can Font and its forest, Viladordis, the Puig-Reig stream from Berga and the Vilanova del Camí river area.

The volunteers brought the waste collected in Comabella, where it was centralised. From there they were taken to the clean point for proper management and recycling. A protocol followed by the thousands of teams mobilised by the Let’s Clean Up Europe initiative throughout Europe.

As an organisation committed to sustainability and the environment, AMPANS includes this annual volunteering project in the actions carried out to develop awareness and sensitivity with regard to caring for the environment.