Councillor Garriga received the protagonists of Artistas, the TVC programme, at the Department of Culture

The Catalan Councillor of Culture, Natàlia Garriga, met this week with the president of the AMPANS Foundation, Sebastià Catllà Oliva, and the 9 young creators who have been the protagonists of the programme “Artistes“, broadcast last autumn on Canal 33.

The meeting served to explain the work of AMPANS in the field of inclusion through art, and to share with the Councillor for Culture the experience of the foundation and the people participating in the programme, as well as the presentation of the art workshop of the Art of Living Occupational Centre.

The councillor acknowledged the work carried out by entities such as the AMPANS Foundation, which work to break down social stigmas, and expressed her interest in the project, as it is in line with the line of work of the Department of Culture regarding access and participation of all in culture, and the commitment to give visibility to and promote community culture, and culture and health projects.

“Artists” is a production of TV3’s Cultural Programmes Department, based on a joint proposal by Youplanet and Bah! Studios – who were also present at the meeting -, selected in the fourth call for innovative audiovisual projects to disseminate and discover Catalan culture, within the framework of the calls made by the Catalan Audiovisual Media Corporation (CCMA) and the Department of Culture. In each episode, an artist with an intellectual disability or mental health disorder shares his or her experience of art with a well-known figure in the country.

The work of the Ampans Foundation and the “Artists” programme coincides with the Department’s axes of promoting access to culture and cultural practices and also the promotion of audiovisuals, from a new and innovative point of view. The Department of Culture works for the creation of a cultural system of reference, inclusive and democratic, and is promoting a law on cultural rights, which breaks down the visible and invisible barriers that prevent access to and participation in culture.