Respir Program. Can you help someone catch their breath?

We are looking for volunteer individuals who can accommodate people with intellectual disabilities on specific occasions throughout the year, to give a break to families. Do you want to know if you would be a good candidate and how the program works?

“Respir” is a volunteer program designed to provide occasional support to families of people with intellectual disabilities who need a break, either for a day, a weekend or for a specific time due to a punctual need.

Volunteer individuals who participate in the program are part of a group of people willing to host, voluntarily and based on their availability, a Respir request from the requesting family. The role of the organisation in this volunteering is to act as a link between the volunteer and the requesting family and is available at all times during the accommodation to provide professional support to the volunteer if needed.

The Respir program receives support from the Barcelona Provincial Council and provides a financial contribution so that the volunteer can cover the expenses that may arise from having a person under their care during the duration of the Respir.

"Respir" means to breathe. Help and give a breath of fresh air.
By letting others breathe, you will also experience a fresh perspective...

I would like to become a volunteer, but I have some doubts

What is the duration of a "Respir"?

The duration of a "Respir" varies according to the needs of the family. It can be for a day, a weekend, or several days, always by mutual agreement between both parties.

What support will I have?

At all times, the volunteer has the support of a professional/reference from the organisation, with whom you can get in touch at any time.

Why does this volunteer work have economic support?

The "Respir" program wants to facilitate the participation of volunteers as much as possible and establishes economic support to cover the expenses that may arise from this occasional accommodation.

What can I do with the person I host?

Practically anything you would do in your leisure time and would dedicate to a person around you: go for a walk, go on a trip, spend time with friends... What you decide will depend on your preferences and those of the person you are hosting. You'll surely have a great time, there's no need to do anything extraordinary!

Can the person hosted always be the same?

It's preferable to keep the same person to maintain the bond that will be established and that you will want to maintain over time. You can also host other people if you have availability to help more than one family.

If at the time I receive the request, it's not convenient for me, will I be kicked out of the program?

Of course not. The program wants to have a network of people because it understands that hosting with these characteristics must fit into the agenda and routines of volunteers. Normally, enough time is agreed upon so that the volunteer can organise themselves, although a "Respir" can also be requested for an unexpected situation.

Mercè and Laura are volunteers for the Respir Program. They tell us about their experience in this video. If you have made it this far and heard them talk about their volunteering, you might be interested in giving someone a chance to catch their breath... If so, thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts!

Contact the Respir Program

If you are interested or want to know more details, write to us at and we will get in touch with you.

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    Col·labora amb AMPANS

    El suport social ha estat fonamental per l’avenç de la missió d’AMPANS, tant en l’assoliment dels projectes que milloren la qualitat de vida de les persones amb discapacitat intel·lectual i amb necessitats de suport, com en la sensibilització de la societat. El camí cap a la plena inclusió continua i et necessitem al costat.