Channel 33 'Artistes' and AMPANS

Artistes' is a TV series that aims to share experiences around art with creators with intellectual disabilities and mental health disorders, a project of the production companies Bah! Studios and YouPlanet starring artists from AMPANS.

Artistes’ is a project by the production companies Bah!Studios and YouPlanet inspired by the creative workshop L’Art de Viure. It was selected in the 4th call for innovative audiovisual projects of the CCMA and the ICEC to find new talents and content formats for Canal 33. In series format, it showcases creators and artistic creations with a lot of personality, without filters or stereotypes.

This programme is presented as an experience to see art from a different perspective. In each episode, the experience of art is shared with artists with intellectual disabilities or mental health disorders, who are joined by a well-known figure from our country. Roger de Gràcia, Ivan Labanda, Gisela, José Corbacho, Mireia Portas and Laura Rosel are the guests of the different chapters of the series.

Artistes’ is the love  for art, a challenge to relearn the history of art, to see the most iconic works of our culture with an unfiltered view. A project that brings together all artistic disciplines: the secrets of photography, painting, music, musical theatre, ballet and beat-boxing, among others.

On Thursday 29 September 2022, this 6-episode series premiered on Channel 33. All of them are currently available on TV3 a la carta.

Art does not understand disabilities. Art is the ability to create, express and reproduce that which is material or immaterial, which we see or imagine, and which we turn into matter, image, sound, bodily expression or other forms of creation.

The inception of the idea

This project was born when the programme’s production team visited the Les Bases Occupational Centre, where L’Art de Viure, an inclusive art workshop, is located. They were impressed by the pieces on display, which gave off a strong personality. They were works created by artists with different abilities, without filters or stereotypes. This is where ‘Artists’ was born, from the desire to explore art from new perspectives, with the aim of offering a unique and surprising experience.

Watch 'Artistes´

All the episodes of the first season of ‘Artistas’ are available free of charge on the digital platform TV3 a la carta.

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