Professional Certificate in Agricultural Assistant

February - June 2023


AMPANS Training Centres
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Detalles del curso


Over 16 years old

Employment status

Priority for unemployed or ERTO, active people and students.

Type of training

Certificate of professionalism level 1

Training itinerary


Training model

Theoretical and practical


410 hours

Job placement service

This course is part of our orientation and job placement service.

Contenido didáctico y salidas profesionales


  • Ancillary operations for land preparation, planting and sowing of agricultural crops
  • Auxiliary operations of irrigation, fertilisation and application of treatments on agricultural crops.
  • Cultural operations on crops and maintenance of facilities on agricultural holdings
  • Non-occupational internships

Career opportunities

  • Agricultural labourer
  • Labourer in fruit growing
  • Labourer in arable crops
  • Labourer in cut flower cultivation

Approved course

Certificate of professionalism in agriculture auxiliary

The AMPANS training service is an official and accredited centre for obtaining the Certificate of Professionalism in auxiliary agriculture. Our theoretical and practical course in the field of agriculture is designed to develop the personal, work and technical skills necessary for incorporation into the professional world. We train from the ground up to ensure mastery of all work processes, as well as providing guidance and job placement.

The agricultural assistant course is subsidised and 100% free of charge for the student.

Collaborating entities

Training 100% subsidised by the Catalan Employment Service: aimed primarily at the unemployed

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