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From the service of labour insertion and guidance, we act as a link between people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, physical disabilities or mental illness who wish to join the labour market, and companies that want to incorporate people from these groups, supporting and giving individualised follow-up to both the person and the company. Accompaniment in the insertion into the ordinary company.

We accompany the worker and the recruiting company in the process of search, insertion and adaptation to the job, guaranteeing excellent results for both parties through training, the provision of resources and evaluation throughout the process. Our training and guidance services are part of the total integrated integration service, which includes supported employment.

By choosing supported work, you are helping to build a more inclusive society. You promote, as a worker or as a company, the full social and occupational inclusion of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, physical disabilities or mental illness.

What we offer the worker

Decent and valuable work

A productive, remunerated job, adapted to the person's skills.

Continued support

Accompaniment in the process of incorporation, adaptation and consolidation of the job.

Multidisciplinary team

Support to the worker by a multidisciplinary team in the psychological and social field.

Support to families

Support, advice and accompaniment for the worker's family.


Possibility of participating in the SIOAS programme (Comprehensive service for guidance, accompaniment and support for the integration of people with disabilities and/or mental illness).

Qué ofrecemos a la empresa

What we offer to the company

Job analysis with an assessment of the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for the job.

Quality analysis

Analysis of the quality of the job: dignified, competitive and stable over time.

Job vacancies

Access to the AMPANS job bank. Selection of the most suitable candidates for the job.

In-house training

Initial and continuing training of the worker

Job coach figure

Support and follow-up in the job position appropriate to the needs detected through a job coach.

Staff orientation

Counselling and guidance to people in the immediate working environment.

Adaptation period

Possibility of an initial period of adaptation to the job through an internship agreement.

Cumplimiento de la LGD

Advice on compliance with the General Law on Disability (LGD) through supported work.

Corporate Social Responsibility

A new step towards being a socially responsible company. A company with heart.

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