Funciona Program



AMPANS training centers

Course details


Over 16 years

Employment situation


Training type

Guidance program

Training itinerary

Guidance and support for the training and professional itinerary

Training model

Accompaniment to professional training (PQPI, CFGM, Occupational Training, GESO Graduate)

Labor Insertion Service

This course is part of our guidance and job placement service.

The program contemplates

Information and guidance

Information and orientation to the student and the family.


Coordination with educational centers and psycho-pedagogical managers. Coordination with basic health and social areas to establish networking around the needs of students.

Youth empowerment

Empowerment of young people to take part in decision-making that will have a personal and professional impact throughout life.

Design of the individual support plan

Accompaniment to professional training (PQPI, CFGM, Occupational Training, GESO Graduate) and support and accompaniment to labor insertion, in coordination with the AMPANS insertion service, which includes prospecting for jobs and support for specific practices in jobs both in the ordinary company and in the special work center.

What is the Funciona Program?

Job orientation and training program for young people over the age of 16

The Funciona Program is designed by AMPANS and its purpose is to offer a job guidance and training service to students over the age of 16 who require support to guide their training and professional itinerary.

This Program has the support of different educational centers in the Bages region to be able to give maximum coverage in support and accompaniment to labor insertion. This is a program that includes specific internships in companies, and comprehensive support in all phases of orientation and job placement for young people.


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