Service learning: Educational volunteering

A very important part of our work and commitment as a social organization is to share our experience and daily life with the new generations, making it visible and normalising it. Helping young people to get to know and become aware of the reality of people with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, and other groups at risk of exclusion is fundamental to building a more just, conscious, and inclusive society.

Learning Service allows us to develop this pedagogical task from a coordinated proposal, building community with other receiving and sending volunteer entities.

Through workshops, sessions, and talks led by young people from AMPANS, we propose volunteer opportunities to schools, high schools, and universities. A way to bring the needs and challenges of people with functional diversity, mental illness, and vulnerability closer.

Likewise, we want to open our attention services to the community, offering the possibility of carrying out community service as part of the school curriculum, providing the opportunity to experience firsthand the care of people with diversity.

From reflection and practice in our organization, we aim to educate in values and skills that favor a critical and committed attitude towards society.


All volunteer actions between educational centers and AMPANS are activities that integrate community service with learning content, competencies, skills, and values toward diversity.

The Learning Service is an educational proposal that arises from real needs in the environment. Volunteer projects that merge learning processes with community service, where participants learn while working towards a social improvement goal.

The relationship and direct contact with people at risk of social exclusion, as well as the development of joint projects, allow us to build new foundations of respect, acceptance, and inclusion of diversity. It is by knowing each other, helping each other, and working together that we discover that we always have a lot to learn from each other.



"Helping others closely"

At AMPANS, we cover one of the main service areas defined by the APS Promoting Center: helping others closely.

Together with educational centers that send volunteers, we develop projects of direct help to people who belong to groups at risk of social exclusion; people with intellectual disabilities, people with mental health issues, and people in vulnerable situations.

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    Social support has been key to the progress of AMPANS mission. Both in the achievement of projects that improve the life quality of people with intellectual disabilities and in need of support, and in raising awareness in society. We need you by our side to keep pursuing their full inclusion.