Corporate volunteering: for companies that want to grow in values

Companies and CSR: values, team, solidarity

Companies are made by people and people are sensitivities, concerns, diversity… companies are therefore an indispensable collaborator to be able to carry out our work alongside people who need support. Corporate volunteering is a way to do socially responsible and conscious business together. Are you signing up?

We offer you a corporate volunteering and Team Building experience, sharing values of solidarity, cooperation and co-creation with your teams. A unique day of social commitment to discover, explore and strengthen values, overcoming and group cohesion, in a solidarity experience that will leave a lasting impression on the people of your organization.

Companies and CSR: values, team, solidarity

Tell us what your goals and needs are, and we will make you a proposal for tailor-made activities, which you will share with users and educators, with the aim to live an experience that will transform your vision of disability and full inclusion.

What values do you want to work on?

Do you want to enhance teamwork? How to improve communication and trust? Do you want to foster a positive attitude and belonging? We help you define the values and goals you want to strengthen, to live an experience you will want to repeat!

Tailor-made activities

You will be able to choose between a program of recreational, sporting, creative and solidarity activities, which will allow your teams to share meaningful time with the users, learn from them, have a great time and discover aspects of themselves that maybe he didn't know.

Organization and monitoring of the day

A team of people will coordinate the activities and logistical operations so that everything goes as planned, and we will do audiovisual monitoring, to leave evidence of your day.

Various modalities

We adapt to the needs of your organization in terms of the duration of the day which may vary depending on the modality chosen:

Morning from 9am to 2pm which includes breakfast or a coffee break option.

Full day from 9am to 4pm, which includes lunch via:

- Catering at the gardens of Comabella (Santpedor).

- Lunch in the hayloft of Urpina (Sant Salvador de Guardiola) or picnic option.

- Lunch at the Canonge restaurant (Manresa).

Experiència de voluntariat corporatiu amb Stradivarius

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    Social support has been key to the progress of AMPANS mission. Both in the achievement of projects that improve the life quality of people with intellectual disabilities and in need of support, and in raising awareness in society. We need you by our side to keep pursuing their full inclusion.