Solidarity fiends

There are many ways to collaborate to make life easier for people with intellectual disabilities and one of them has to do with our attitude in daily life. With an inclusive, respectful and collaborative attitude you are decisively helping full social inclusion. All these reasons make the Friends of AMPANS very important!

AMPANS friends

Pep Guardiola

Football coach
"After hearing how you attributed words like generosity or effort to the team I represent, I have to say that there is no act more generous than what you do. I am AMPANS"

Diego Alías

"It's been very special, sharing moments like this makes everything more meaningful"

Xavier Sala Martin

"Your innovative capacity makes you the Johan Cruyff of the social sector"

Natxo Tarrés

"I have a spectacular memory of my time with AMPANS as a volunteer. I learned some values that I still keep."

Tomàs Molina

“I have been impressed by the interest you show in learning about the environment. Sun, rain, lightning and thunder to all of you for a long time!"

Pilarín Bayés

"Drawing with all of you and sharing the stories of my characters has been a wonderful experience. I've seen so many beautiful smiles here today!"

Nandu Jubany

"I could never have refused to help because as a bagenc I know and feel AMPANS"

Valentí Fuster

"Dedicating a few minutes a day to reflect and have a positive attitude is the advice I can give you beyond physical well-being"

Albert Om

"It's very moving to hear the words of gratitude from all the mothers towards the work you do. It's the greatest reward you can be given for your work"

Quim Masferrer

"I had never been given such a reception. AMPANS people, you are very good people"

Antoni Bassas

"The Research Prize is ambitious like you, with the work you've been doing since 1965"

Els Catarres

"May your dance never stop, friends of AMPANS"

Toni Bou i Takahisa Fujinami

"It's been wonderful to see all this motivation they have to overcome obstacles every day." Toni Bou.
"Seeing their faces of excitement, it went straight to the heart, fantastic." Takahisa Fujinami.

Friends of AMPANS benefits

There are many ways to collaborate to make life easier for people with intellectual disabilities and one of them is to support the organization’s job placement projects. As customers of our commercial products and services, you are helping to maintain and consolidate jobs and future opportunities for people with special difficulties.


Since we also like to take care of our friends, if you join the club, you will get preferential treatment 🙂

    • Discounts at our establishments  5% Urpina.  5% Garden (plants and selected products)  10% handicraft products
    • Raffles and special promotions.
    • VIP access to workshops and courses
    • Plants and gardening advice
    • Birthday present

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    Darrera cada xifra, persones úniques


    assisted people last year, they receive our support because of intellectual disabilities, mental illness or vulnerable situations

    36 %

    of people with intellectual disability also present mental and behavioral disorders


    people part of the organization workforce


    people work in ordinary companies thanks to our supported employment

    27 %

    adapted job positions in the organization, created to give opportunities to people with disabilities

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