Commitment to Sustainability and the Environment

From large campaigns to collect bottles and paper, to environmental policies.

Since the beginning, AMPANS has transmitted values towards people and society, which would not be understood without our commitment to respect for the environment and the environment in order not to compromise future generations. In a privileged environment, located near the Manresa canal, one of the most important engineering works carried out in Bages, the present and future of the entity involves designing any new project we undertake with sustainability and efficiency criteria.

We pursue models of consumption and almost zero emissions, and we bet on the use of renewable energies, the circular economy, and sustainable mobility. We have committed ourselves to concrete actions of energy certification A for all the new equipment that we design, use of renewable energies, promotion of the circular economy and sustainable mobility.


A constantly improving environmental policy

For us, in our understanding of the concept of quality, we cannot fully and satisfactorily achieve it without incorporating respect and protection for the environment. That is why we have incorporated ISO 14001 and EMAS Regulation criteria into our work methodologies.

The objective of this policy is to continuously improve the environmental aspects of our processes and consumption of natural resources, raw materials, atmospheric emissions, wastewater discharges, and waste generation, among others. Therefore, the entire organization, teams, and users must know the entity’s commitments to the environment and be involved decisively and proactively in environmental protection.


Our environmental policies involve:

  • Promoting environmental protection and working towards sustainable development, meeting current needs without compromising the ability of future generations.
  • Compliance with all current environmental regulations and subscribed management standards.
  • Transparency to citizens, suppliers, clients, and the public administration regarding our impact and management of the environment.
  • Environmental protection criteria in the design and planning of our daily activities, new projects, new services, and buildings.
  • Raising awareness of environmental conservation throughout the organization by introducing specific environmental education programs in the activities of our centers and services, and reaching out campaigns and messages to the entire society.
  • Encouraging and requesting suppliers, subcontractors, and clients to improve their environmental management to cooperate together in environmental protection.

Environmental Declaration

For AMPANS, quality cannot be fully understood without incorporating respect and protection for the environment. That is why we have included ISO 14001 and EMAS Regulation criteria in our work methodologies.

The bottle and paper

The campaigns to collect glass bottles and paper for 25 years are part of the historical memory of the people of Manresa and Bages. In addition to being pioneers in environmental respect, they were great volunteer campaigns aimed at raising funds for the organization.

Vineyard recovery

With the donation of Urpina, we are reviving the winemaking activity of the estate, recovering old vines and planting new ones. Together with the City Council of Manresa and the DO Pla de Bages, we are joining forces in a new and ambitious project to recover endangered grape varieties, with a plantation at the Torre Lluvià (Manresa).

Volunteer actions

Throughout the year, we organize and participate in environmental recovery activities, promoted by us or in collaboration with other organizations. For example, the Let's Clean Up week, the Apilo campaigns, or the Perimeter Cleanups.

Captain Bombeta

An internal awareness-raising campaign was launched with the dual objective of promoting the participation and involvement of users in good environmental practices. Organized teams from schools and daycare services promote good habits such as reducing water or electricity consumption throughout the organization.

Collaborate with AMPANS

Social support has been fundamental for the advancement of AMPANS' mission, both in the achievement of projects that improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities and support needs, and in raising awareness in society. The road continues and we need you by our side. The road continues and we need you by our side. Can you help us?